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Today began like most Mondays that I’ve come to know – I woke up at 0400 and got dressed so quickly that I hope everything’s on the right way! Today was different, though, because instead of heading to a shift at Emerson Hospital, I was

Professional Ambulance and The METI Project Host Boston All For One 2014 Benefit for St. Luke Foundation for Haiti

Cambridge, MA (November 2014) – Professional Ambulance (Pro EMS) and The METI Project are pleased to be hosting an event to benefit the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti and St. Luke Hospital. The Boston All For One 2014 – St. Luke Foundation for Haiti party

About METI

The METI Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainability in healthcare through medical education, training, and improved infrastructure in under-served areas of the world. Launched in 2013 by Professional Ambulance (Pro EMS) and Pro EMS Center for MEDICS, The METI Project’s first initiative addresses critical medical needs in Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries.

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