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Here Comes the Rain

Wednesday morning we went to St. Luke’s and facilitated a class on teamwork and communication. It went very well with both sessions; we saw improvement in students of both classes throughout the day. The doctors, especially one, were particularly impressive. We had worked with the

Nutella returns to Haiti

On the way to Logan Airport, I reflected on my last trip to Haiti. I thought about the people I met and patients we had seen. Since our last trip, there had been flooding in the area where we were staying and I wondered how

Operating Room – Day 1

I think it’s safe to say that when we woke up Sunday morning and headed over to the hospital to …

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observations from Haiti

I can’t for the life of me remember which morning it was, but bright and early at 7am Mass, Father …

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I sat around Saturday at Villa Francesca feeling frustrated and defeated, and annoyed that I couldn’t be helping as much …

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many thanks

I quickly want to thank everyone who has been following my trip to Haiti on Facebook, Twitter, and here on …

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when one door is locked…

I spent most of the day on Saturday incredibly frustrated. I woke up early in the morning in order to …

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arriving in Haiti

Finally got back from the hospital at a decent hour to do some blogging.  So here goes. I arrived in …

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Heading to Haiti

This morning, I’m hopping on a flight from Boston to Miami and continuing on to Port-au-Prince (PAP) for the second …

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An update on Haiti

I’m beyond excited to be going back to Haiti this Friday to help out with surgeries at St Luke’s Hospital …

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Of course, but maybe.

We arrived at the hospital at 0700 on Saturday. It was our last day and we didn’t have a plan. We went over to the hospital and rounded with the doctors. We were leaving our clean scrubs, hand sanitizer, and gloves behind. The head doctor

Two Ends of the Spectrum

This morning, we went back to St.Luke’s and assisted again in the clinic and the ED. During the night, a 26-year-old female presented with altered level of consciousness and hypotension. Hx of a stroke with a right-side deficit, post-partum. The doctor interpreted well; I could

6 Steps Towards the Skinny Cow

We finally made progress. About 350 patients started lining up this morning at 0400. They have a number system here to decide how many patients are seen. Chief complaint determines whether a person is seen by a doctor or not. The patients are smart enough

Hump Day

Life in Haiti is hard. There is not enough of anything to go around. There are shortages of all supplies in every hospital. People can’t afford medications that they should be taking everyday. The doctors are incredibly competent but have few diagnostic tools available to

The Art of Debrief

Another code. A different country. Wow. How do you teach and train when the staff you’re working with doesn’t see the value in that life? In the states, we wouldn’t have needed to resuscitate that patient because he wouldn’t have been allowed to get that