A Good Day!

The team got up and out of the villa early this morning to get to St. Luke’s hospital for the clinic day. We spoke with the nurses about what they expected as far as help from us, and what changes to the triage system they were implementing as a result of input from previous METI teams. Our team spent the entire morning helping triage a line of people that reached around the block. Though this was the first time experiencing a process like this for many of our team members, they operated like seasoned providers. The nurses were pleased with the speed and knowledge of the team, and we were excited at how far they have come in their knowledge and understanding of triage.

The rest of the afternoon was broken up into two sessions training the nurses on basic EKG rhythm interpretation. We weren’t sure exactly how the nurses would receive the information, or how difficult it would be to provide a crash course on basic rhythms in one-hour segments, but we were blown away. We focused primarily on sinus rhythms including Brady vs. Tachy, as well as ventricular rhythms and the science behind defibrillation. By the end of the sessions, the nurses were able to identify most of the basic rhythms, determine the rate, and decide which rhythms needed to be defibrillated. The nurses not only absorbed the information quickly, they seemed excited to receive the information.

In between sessions, the METI team got the chance to help treat a 43-year-old male in persistent ventricular tachycardia. The patient was cardioverted 5 times and the team collaborated with the physicians on administering an Amiodarone bolus and a Maintenance infusion. The patient seems to have stabilized for now.

As we were leaving for the day, we ran into Dr. Augustine. He expressed how pleased he is with the progress the METI Project has made so far. We discussed possible goals for upcoming trips, which we will bring back to Cambridge to discuss with other members of the project.

All in all, this was a very successful day. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s discussions in the hospital, and our upcoming visit to the orphanage when we will distribute presents!

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