Day 4: Heartbreak

On Thursday we woke early, had some coffee, and went on our way. We had three people to help triage the patients before they were seen. We were prepared with blood pressure cuffs and oxygen saturation sensors that we didn’t bring with us on the last trip. While the others were in triage, Travis and I went to round with the doctors. Once all of the patients had been triaged and sent to the correct clinic doctor, we joined up with the rest of the group and began to teach for the day. It was good to see improvement in the nurses and doctors in such short time. We held two classes, with lunch in between, and were asked to come back at night for the elusive 8 pm class that we had not been able to hold due to power issues.

Walking back to the compound for dinner, we met a young boy who was maybe 6 years old. He was wearing a T-shirt that would have been big on me. He said he was “working” and going to escort us home. Reneau began to speak with him in Creole as he walked with us toward the villas. It turned out the boy has seen some heartbreak. He lost his father in the earthquake, leaving behind his mother and four other children. Earlier this week, a fire in their home left him with only the clothes he was wearing. He said that he doesn’t like to walk in the morning because it makes him feel bad to see other kids going to school when his family cannot afford to send him. Sobering.

Before dinner it began to pour, again. After dinner, we waited for our ride to the hospital as it is dangerous to walk at night. 7:45 came and went with no ride. Reneau arranged for us to borrow a car and we piled in and drove to the hospital. Upon arriving, we found only one doctor in the hospital because the other was delayed from the rains. We were all pretty quiet on the ride back to the compound. The class eluded us yet again.

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