Operation Santa

Greetings from Miami!

Our team had a great week in Haiti – it was both productive and inspiring. We started our last day with a final trip to St. Luke’s for a tabletop discussion with the nurses on understanding sepsis. Though they have had many training sessions on the sepsis protocol and were very well versed in it, we thought it was important to explain why they were performing these interventions. We ended our discussion by asking for feedback on the METI Project as a whole. We asked what the team can bring next time, what we need to focus on next, and what they thought of our team members as educators. The feedback was fantastic, which was great to hear. We thanked them and said good-bye for now.

We returned to Villa Francesca to pick up the toys we had brought to hand out at the orphanage. When we arrived, we first met the older children, mostly middle-school ages. We got to spread some holiday cheer! Seeing their faces light up was emotional to say the least. After we finished Operation Santa, we made our way to the baby house. This is a part of the orphanage where they house the younger children. The team got a firsthand look at what a wonderful job St. Luke’s does with these kids. This was the perfect way to end the week.

Now we are in Miami. Though it was a week we will never forget, it’s good to be home. We have a lot of work to do to present all of our feedback to the rest of the project members and help prepare for future trips. From what we saw, we still have so much to do but we think that our efforts are starting to make a difference. We have new things to focus on, and we can’t wait to get to it!

Thank you, everyone, for all the support!

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