Progress is being made!

So we’re back in Haiti.

Due to airport delays, our first day should have been our second day. It was challenging, to say the least, to get everyone through customs, meet up with our ride – which involved armed guard intervention! – and arrive at Villa Francesca, our accommodations for the week.

It didn’t take long to recognize some familiar faces and catch up on everyone’s news. They were all excited not only to see us, but to see that we have kept our promise to return every other month. The new METI team members were anxious to get a first-hand view of our work environment, so after dropping off our bags, we took off for St. Luke’s hospital. During our tour of the facility, we met up with Dr. Augustine. He was very happy to see the supplies we brought him. We scheduled a meeting with him, the head nurse, and a few hospital techs to go over a few ideas we have for the upcoming week of training. As is typical, changes were made but we were pleased to be able to schedule training that the hospital staff felt they needed the most.

It was amazing to see changes being implemented throughout the hospital! The triage area was fully stocked with BP cuffs, stethoscopes, pen lights, and SAT probes. We were witnessing a triage pattern that had been help set up by the previous teams, and the best part was that the hospital staff was sticking with it!

Our second day was a great experience. The day started with some training geared towards ventilating patients. The nurses had requested CPR sessions to refresh their skills. We also set up some basic EKG rhythm recognition discussions for the nurses tomorrow and some training for the techs on stretcher operation from ambulance to hospital. The hospital has a new ambulance that should be fully operational very soon. Although the truck is functioning, it has no medical equipment on board. Perhaps this is an area in which future METI teams can assist.

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