The METI Team

Jennifer Skye

Jennifer Skye is an experienced traveler who has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, backpacked throughout New Zealand, lived with a family in Fiji, visited parts of Europe, and lived in various places throughout the United States. Her travel adventures have given her an ability to adapt quickly to new cultures, and shown her the need to be flexible in working within the circumstances as they present themselves. Jennifer entered the Pro EMS Center for MEDICS paramedic program in July 2012 and feels a strong responsibility to share what she has learned in her medical training. Her goal is to work as a medic in various remote locations that require improvising in less-than-ideal situations with less-than-perfect conditions. Jennifer is most excited about going to Haiti to help the local practitioners become better at utilizing their own resources to help those in need of medical care.

Date of Trip:

June 2013

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