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Kevin Chu

Kevin Chu

Kevin, a Los Angeles native, came to Boston to obtain a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University. Along the way in his academic career, Kevin decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of helping others by obtaining his EMT-Basic license. Kevin continues to expand his experience in the primary aspects of patient care by attending Pro EMS Center for Medics; he will graduate from the program in December 2013. By traveling to Haiti, Kevin hopes to experience first-hand the myriad of problems that plague underserved, developing countries. In particular, Kevin would like to use his knowledge as an engineer and EMT to devise future solutions for overcoming the lack of access to inexpensive diagnostic tools, the high cost of complex medical devices, and the absence of a proper training curriculum for medical personnel. Kevin currently lives in Brookline, MA and works for Armstrong Ambulance.

Date of Trip:

October 2013

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