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Day 2 – we headed to the hospital this morning, excited to see everyone again. We placed our supplies in the ICU area and went off to find staff we knew from previous trips. We rounded with the doctors, which is always nice. They go

There will be other days.

As we waited to board the plane in Boston, I thought to myself that Americans just do not appreciate the luxury of travel these days. Others were waiting at the gate and appeared “dressed up.” We were not. We flew to JFK without trouble, then

First Impressions

Today began like most Mondays that I’ve come to know – I woke up at 0400 and got dressed so quickly that I hope everything’s on the right way! Today was different, though, because instead of heading to a shift at Emerson Hospital, I was

Professional Ambulance and The METI Project Host Boston All For One 2014 Benefit for St. Luke Foundation for Haiti

Cambridge, MA (November 2014) – Professional Ambulance (Pro EMS) and The METI Project are pleased to be hosting an event to benefit the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti and St. Luke Hospital. The Boston All For One 2014 – St. Luke Foundation for Haiti party

The Rains of Tabarre

Team Leader Travis Jones sent the following update from Haiti on May 22: Sue and I flew into the airport through thick grey clouds. Reneau, who had arrived on an earlier flight, watched thirty minutes of heavy rain shortly before our plane landed. Almost immediately

And then there were 4 …

We arrived early at St. Luke’s on Thursday, as it was one of our two Clinic days for this week. There were almost 400 patients for the Clinic or the ED alone. Nicole worked in Triage, ensuring that the patients were placed in the right

The Senate President

We started with Mass at 0700. Many of us are not religious, but that’s not why you attend Mass here. Father Rick Frechete, one of the founders of St. Luke’s, holds Mass each morning to honor the dead appropriately. The Mass, unfortunately, is a daily funeral.

The Tsunami at dinner

We woke up early on our second day in Haiti. It was the first day of training and we would be busy from start to finish. We walked the mile to St. Luke’s Hospital; we were covered in dust by the time we got there.

Lost & Found

Five of the February team members boarded the plane at Logan Airport in Boston; our sixth member, Nicole, was taking a different flight so we were planning to meet her in Haiti. Our flights were scheduled to land only an hour apart, so we thought

Finding Our Bearings

We arrived at the cramped airport to face a frenzied mob of travelers all clambering for their bags. Once all our team members found each other, we gathered for the quick ride to Villa Francesca. There were still a few signs of the heavy rains

Haiti Travel Tips

We’ve found our rhythm. We wake early and head off to triage. Three of us help the nurses in triage, while Travis and I teach a class to the Technicians. Because Reneau is in triage, my friend Dimitry assists us with translation in the class.