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Every eight weeks, a team of volunteer health care providers will travel to Haiti for one week to provide medical training and clinical services as needed. The team will train and educate physicians, nurses, and support staff, using a curriculum strategically designed to meet the needs of St. Luke’s hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The costs associated with the trip include the flight (estimated to be between $500-$700) and accommodations and meals (approximately $120 for the week). Health professionals interested in this opportunity should submit a CV and complete the online application. Applicants are required to sign a waiver of liability, have a valid passport, and be prepared to live in austere conditions for the week.

The METI Project participants are comprised of three types of providers:

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Physicians, Nurses and PA’s: We are looking to build a team of emergency physicians and support staff for each 6-day trip abroad. Higher-level medical education is greatly needed in Haiti, and will take shape in the form of rounds and clinical practice with the hospital staff. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, and surgical support staff are also wanted for much needed surgical procedures. Hospital sponsorships may be available. Please apply online if you are interested in participating in this capacity.

Pro EMS ALS Staff: We are offering the opportunity to participate in The METI Project to Pro EMS ALS staff. Each trip will be six days and requires a time commitment to planning and preparing with your team prior to the trip. You must have your time off approved by Pro EMS.

Pro EMS Paramedic Team Leaders: Team leaders are selected for their ability to teach and train, as well as their passion for EMS and medical education. Many members of the Pro EMS community have traveled to Haiti to lay the ground work for this exciting project. Teams are likely to include one team leader, two medics, three Center for MEDICS students, and other hospital providers.

Pro EMS Center for MEDICS paramedic students: Paramedic students who attend CFM may be eligible to participate in this unique opportunity. Students must be at least 4 months into the paramedic program, must be in good academic standing with the program, and must have a passion to be part of something greater than themselves.

All of the people who have been a part of these trips so far have found them to be rewarding and incredible experiences, in spite of the difficult conditions.

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