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Please complete the form below if you would like to join one of the upcoming METI trips.
  • Note: All medical professionals are welcome to apply for upcoming METI trips. We are currently accepting paramedic applications only from Pro EMS paramedics and Center for MEDICS students. As our program grows, we hope to offer this opportunity to paramedics and students from other institutions.

Recent News

The Great Roof Debate

We left Joe’s house early and began walking through the village. We were beginning our journey to the health-care clinic, but nothing is direct here in Ghana. Our first stop was to visit a ‘concerned citizen’ member’s house. Second, we stopped by

It Takes A Village

As we know from our previous METI Project trips, trust and relationships are the keys to success. We need to build a relationship with our partners to execute any strategy. We have been working on this project for a long time, and