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I’m beyond excited to be going back to Haiti this Friday to help out with surgeries at St Luke’s Hospital in the Tabarre neighborhood of Port-au-Prince.  Several other surgeons will be at the hospital from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and as well from Pennsylvania.

While I’m greatly looking forward to the trip and to putting my skills to good use, the neighborhood of Tabarre has recently experienced some severe flooding from the rainy season in Haiti.

NPH Haiti Tabarre flooding rainy season

Below is a statement from Father Rick Frechette, director of Nos Petits Frere et Soeurs, the Haitian arm of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos.

Tabarre suffered severe flooding from very heavy rains. Water was chest high in many places, even a few hundred meters from our gates, both toward the US Embassy and toward the sea. Many vehicles were ruined by water and mud (one of our St. Luke vehicles was caught in the water window high while on an emergency run), many houses and gardens are flooded, many cows drowned. Thank God there is no loss of life reported.

The water rose to within inches of passing over the ramped entrance to St Damien hospital, which would have reaped havoc by filling the hospital courtyard and basement, and flooding our generators. All of our centers in Tabarre are waterlogged and soggy but OK. We had no major damage except for that truck. Fortunately at St. Damien Hospital, we have sandbags always ready at the entrance, and we have two pumps to push the water out again, should the waters rise higher in the future.

We thank God there is no news of fatalities, we thank we have lost only one truck, and we pray for the people whose losses are great and will help in the limited way that we can under current circumstances of austerity we are facing. Best regards to all and thanks, as always, for your friendship.

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