Hump Day

Life in Haiti is hard. There is not enough of anything to go around. There are shortages of all supplies in every hospital. People can’t afford medications that they should be taking everyday. The doctors are incredibly competent but have few diagnostic tools available to them. Donations have decreased greatly since the financial crisis.

In short, there are so many things that could easily discourage people here. However, there are many positives. Despite the hardships, the people are resilient. The patients do not complain. They are incredibly grateful for the help they receive and they wait patiently when necessary without a word. The doctors are able to diagnose tricky medical issues despite the lack of necessary diagnostics. The technicians that we trained today were very receptive and eager to learn, and we will be training them again tomorrow to help them better assist the nurses.

So, while Haiti still has many problems, and some people could get discouraged, we are hopeful.

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