The first trip to Ghana will incorporate a needs assessment for Enyan Abaasa , a village about 90 minutes outside of the Ghana capital, Accra. The goal, to establish an EMS system that will allow sick patients to be transferred from the local clinic to the main hospital in the capital. Currently, The National Ambulance Service, provides EMS along with St. Johns ambulance. The outside villages can not be part of this current EMS system because of the distance. It is crucial, in some critical cases, that local villagers have a way to not only get to these larger hospitals but have care en route. This ambulance will provide emergency services and transportation to the local villages in the case of severe sickness or trauma.  The educational curriculum  will be developed for Enyan Abaasa  after the needs assessment occurs. In the upcoming months, educators will present the first module of training to ready those providers from the clinic to the pre hospital environment.

Future topics include the following:

  • Lifting and moving patients and emergency response principles. Cardiac Emergencies, including ACLS and BLS techniques,understanding equipment and implementing a plan for organization equipment.
  • Trauma Care, including assessment, bleeding control, splinting, and burn management.
  • Neurological Issues, including assessment, AMS, seizures, diabetic emergencies, and stroke.
  • Pediatric Emergencies, including PALS

Recent News

The Great Roof Debate

We left Joe’s house early and began walking through the village. We were beginning our journey to the health-care clinic, but nothing is direct here in Ghana. Our first stop was to visit a ‘concerned citizen’ member’s house. Second, we stopped by

It Takes A Village

As we know from our previous METI Project trips, trust and relationships are the keys to success. We need to build a relationship with our partners to execute any strategy. We have been working on this project for a long time, and